Sunday, May 11, 2008

"The Becket Wagner" Auction Results

Just one week after a SCG 10 Poor 1 Honus Wagner T206 sold for a record $227,050, the famous baseball card set another record. Robert Edward Auctions recently sold off a Beckett graded BVG 1 on their website. Here is part of the description of the card:
Presented is an outstanding newly discovered example of the "Holy Grail" of baseball cards: The T206 Honus Wagner. Graded 1 POOR by BVG. This is an extremely attractive low-grade T206 Honus Wagner, with edge and corner wear and a few creases, but with extremely bright, bold colors, and perfect registration. No one is ever going to confuse this card with the famous Gretzky-McNall Wagner, but this card needs to make no apologies for its appearance. This is a very strong Wagner for a low-grade example, with a bold portrait image offset by a particularly strong, bright orange background, a boldly printed reverse, very clean, both front and back, and with no heavy creases disturbing the portrait image. This card is accurately graded but there is a lot more to evaluating a Wagner card than a numerical grade. Most Wagners are in low grade. This card has something that many other Wagner's do not: eye appeal.
"The Beckett Wagner" is a tremendous low-grade example of the T206 Wagner, one that compares very favorably with most other low-grade examples, and which is simply a great-looking card that elicits a positive response from everyone who sees it. The colors on this card are noticeably brighter, fresher, and bolder than most other T206 Wagners, including examples that are graded much higher. This is very likely due to the fact that this card has been stored away in ideal conditions, literally untouched and protected from all elements including light, for decades. Some cards have flaws that make collectors respond less than positively, and upon viewing make them say to themselves "That one's not for me" or "If only it were in better shape." This is a card that collectors will always hold and look at in awe, and say simply, "Wow, it's a Wagner, and it's a great looking card!" We all know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Every card is different. To most collectors, and to us, this is a beautiful card!
The card had a reserve bid of $50,000 and was expected to sell for over $100,000. After 28 bids, the dust settled on May 4th, 2008 and the card was sold for a whopping $270,000, thus setting a new record price for such a low grade Wagner T206.

Here is an update on recent Honus Wagner T206 cards sold:

PSA 1 / SGC 10 / BVG 1:
  • May 2008: BVG 1 - $270,000 (Source: Robert Edward Auctions)
  • May 2008: SGC 10 Poor 1 - $227,050 (Source: Heritage Auctions)
  • 2004: PSA 1 - $109,638 (Source:
  • 2003: PSA 1 - $92,256 (Source: T206 Museum)
  • 2003: SGC 10 Poor 1 - $90,199 (Source: T206 Museum)
  • 2001: PSA 1 - $78,144 (Source: T206 Museum)
  • 2001: PSA 1 - $50,935 (Source: T206 Museum)
PSA 2:
  • 2005: PSA 2 - $236,706 (Source: T206 Museum)
  • 2000: PSA 2 - $74,918 (Source: T206 Museum)
PSA 3:
  • 2000: PSA 3 - $145,314 (Source: T206 Museum)
GAI 3.5:
  • 2005: GAI 3.5 - $456,057 (Source: T206 Museum)

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