Sunday, June 15, 2008

Honus Wagner on Pop History Dig

I came across a great article today on Honus Wagner at The Pop History Dig. The focus of the article is on the Wagner T206 baseball card and it is one of the most in depth accounts about the card that I have seen recently.

In addition to discussing the T206 history, the article also profiles Honus Wagner the player and some of the achievements that he won as one of the greatest baseball players of all time.

Prior to finding this article I had never heard of The Pop History Dig. The site contains a unique collection of short stories about popular culture - its history, its people, and its power. Everything from Thomas Edison's inventions to Oprah Winfrey's political endorsements are fair game here - and more. Music, sports, film, and television are also part of the mix.

I'm glad I found the site and congrats to author Jack Doyle for putting together such a great resource!

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Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Ultimate Wagner T206 Trade?

Would you trade a 1986 Topps Steve Jeltz card for a T206 Honus Wagner?

Well that's exactly what Brandon from TradeMeABetterCard is trying to do. Brandon's goal is to trade his Steve Jeltz card for other, more expensive cards, with the end goal to get a Wagner T206. From there Brandon wants to put the Wagner up for auction so he can purchase a home in his current hometown of Santa Barbara, California.

Brandon admits that the Jeltz card is a "little worthless piece of cardbord" and that he is going to "rip you off- there is no way around that." He hopes people will look past the monetary value of the trades and "along with receiving the card I'm about to trade you, you will also receive the peace of mind knowing that you helped an all around good guy."

Here is how he has done so far:

Trade #1: 1986 Topps Steve Jeltz for a 1995 Best Bob Abreu Graded 9.0 (Minor League Card)

Trade #2: Bob Abreu card for a 1992 Upper Deck Shaquille O'Neal rookie card

Trade #3: Shaquille O'Neal for a 1994 Fleer Update Alex Rodriguez rookie card Graded 8.5

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